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Aptitude Tests

Test Taking Skills

Cerebral Calisthenics

Decision Making Speed Test: Measure your mental quickness and flexibility

Ultimate iQ Test: Brain Teasers

Wordplay: Make 10 words as fast as you can from six letters

Simon: Improve your memory with this game

Simon Advanced

Super Saimon

Digit Span: How many random numbers can you retain?

another Digit Span Test


Data Checking Test

Concentration Test

Federal Clerical Exam (complete book)


Comprehension Test

Word Relationship Test

Vocabulary for Civil Service Tests (complete book)


Numerical Computation Test

Data Interpretation Test


501 Challenging Logic and Reasoning Problems (complete book)

Abstract (Spatial/Mechanical)

Abstract Reasoning Aptitude

Mechanical & Spatial Aptitude (complete book)

IQ Test

Test Your IQ

Culture-Fair IQ Tests

Info. on Culture Fair Tests

European IQ Test, time limit

Mensa Preliminary Test, untimed

Serebriakoff Advanced Culture Fair Test: untimed non-verbal test of 'fluid intelligence' standardized on Mensa members at Cambridge

Progressive Matrices Test

Raven's Progressive Matrices

More IQ Testing, time limits (complete book)

Cattell-Weiss CFT 20: Standardized culture-fair intelligence test with built-in time limits (French language)

Cattell-Weiss CFT 20 translated instructions (English language)

IQ Test books

The Measurement of Intelligence an explanation of and a complete guide for the use of the Stanford Revision and extension of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale Lewis M. Terman 1916 (complete book)

Condensed Guide for the Stanford Revision of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Tests Lewis M. Terman 1920 (complete book)

Herring Revision of the Binet-Simon examination manual: form a John P. Herring 1922 (complete book)

Army Mental Tests Clarence S. Youkum & Robert M. Yerkes 1932 (complete book)

Measure Your Mind The Mentimeter how to use it M.R. Trabue 1920 (complete book)

The Measurement of Adult Intelligence David Wechsler Third Edition 1944 (complete book)

The Cambridge Self-Scoring IQ Test (complete book)

The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests (complete book)

The Ultimate IQ Test Book (complete book)

IQ and Psychometric Tests (complete book)

IQ Tests: Their History, Use, Validity, and Intelligent Interpretation (article)

Need a little stress relief from these darn tests

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