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Digit Span Memory Game           
3. Enter Your Answer:
Click to Start Over       



The object of the game is to see how many random digits you can remember.

1. To start: Click "Click to See Digits" button

2. Study the digits and try to remember the sequence of digits

3. Timed test. Digits will disappear by themselves or you can hide the digits by clicking "Click to Cover Digits" button

4. If the cursor is not blinking, click inside of the "Enter Your Answer:" box

5. Type the digits in the correct sequence.

6. Click "Click for Results" button to see your score

7. If your answer was correct, then click "Click to See Digits" button. If you do not see the "Click to See Digits" button then click "Click to Continue" button

8. If your answer was wrong, then Click "click here to start a new game"
       To see the correct answer, Click "Click to See Digits" button

9. If you wish to start the game with more than one digit, Click "Click to See Digits" button repeatedly until you see the number of digits with which you wish to start